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Day one Trepidation

Day one on my Vegan journey. Full of excitement, nervousness and questions, I feel like I’m at the very start of a long path that will lead me towards a better and very different place than I am today.

I had intended to make the transition a gradual one, replace a meal here and there with a vegan one. Find out what works, find out what fits. Find out how to make it work for my family, after all this is my decision and I don’t want to impose my views and choices on others.

But when I explained in passing to my partner what I was doing and why he, completely unexpectedly, replied with “great let’s do this“. He is completely on board and rather than wanting to take my cautious slow approach, he thinks we should jump straight in and make a complete transition from the off.

So here I am, day one with very little clue of what to buy or cook, a family with a very healthy appetite who get hangry very quickly with the first hint of lack of food, very little time to plan and prepare with a full time job and being a mum too, but with a firm decision in my head and a supportive partner by my side. I’ve got this, I can do this....(I think)....

I have already made dinner for tonight and tomorrow, so that buys me a bit of time. My first vegan dish will be a Vegan stew, not from a cook book or internet recipe, just my normal slow cooker beef stew with the beef replaced with adzuki beans, yellow split peas and a can of chickpeas. If it turns out good I’ll write it down.

I have also just brought from our local store, some almond milk for porridge and some desiccated coconut because it seemed like a thing that may be useful....... The almond milk porridge worked, my partners feedback is that it is not dissimilar in taste to his usual porridge. Meal one successful, let’s hope it’s all as easy and plain sailing as that then......

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